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Dr. Belongie

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Selecting the Right Type of Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Surgery

As people age their shoulder joint can become worn or damaged, decreasing mobility, and limiting their quality of life.  Not being able to comfortably move your arm, due to shoulder pain, can cause people to stop driving, golfing, or even doing simple household tasks like cooking.  Shoulder pain can impact every area of your life and when it does shoulder surgery may be necessary to regain control of your lifestyle.

Dr. Belongie is an expert in correcting shoulder problems and giving patients back the mobility they need to start enjoying life again.  Here are the some of the shoulder procedures he specializes in.

Shoulder Scopes

Prior to starting your rotator cuff repair or conducting surgery we typically examine the area using an arthroscope that is inserted into your shoulder through a tiny incision.  It displays images on a video monitor and allows us to inspect and repair the damaged tissue.  The arthroscope and instruments are very thin, and with smaller incisions the pain and recovery time is greatly reduced.  New technology continues to come out, making arthroscopy even more effective.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Patients typically need reverse shoulder replacement (reverse total shoulder arthroplasty) when the pain is so severe that patients have problems doing basic tasks such as feeding themselves and bathing.  This can happen when a patient tears their rotator cuff and it isn’t fixed in time, or the tear is too severe to be corrected.  Over time arthritis may develop in the shoulder joint and further inflame the injury.  With reverse shoulder replacement pain can be eliminated, function restores and patients can once again lift their arm above their head with the full range of motion.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Tearing your rotator cuff is fairly common and typically happens in a single injury.  After being injured, many patients will experience pain for months.  With rotator cuff repair we are able to reattach the damaged tendon(s), the tissue that connects the muscle to bone.  This can correct the tissue inside and around your shoulder.

Fracture Repair

Shoulder fractures are extremely painful and can come with bruising and swelling, a grinding sensation whenever you move the shoulder, and a decrease in shoulder movement. It can happen when someone falls down, is hit in the shoulder, gets into a car accident, and more.  You may need shoulder fracture repair if you have severe pain over the top of your shoulder, have a bump or feel like something is sticking out of the top of your shoulder, decreased range of motion, bruising and swelling around your shoulder, sever pain overall, and limited movement.

In order to determine the type of shoulder procedure or surgery that you need, first have a consultation with Dr. Belongie.  By asking questions and evaluating your shoulder, he can give clear recommendations on the fastest and most effective path to recovery.  A functioning shoulder is essential for maintaining a high quality of life.  Don’t live in pain when you don’t have to.  As a shoulder specialist, he can help you feel better in no time.


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